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Frequently asked questions

Yes, I cover all weddings personally. However, many couples do prefer a second photographer who would capture more of the informal shots.

The fee for the additional photographer would normally be from £100 - £150.

Do you have insurance?.
Absolutely. Public and personal liability.

Do you carry back up equipment?
We always carry at least four cameras.

How long do you take to do the photography? We have been to weddings where we have had to stand about for hours waiting for the photographer to finish.
I like to do the family shots in about 20 minutes. That gives you plenty of time with me to do the more exciting shots and time to have a relaxed drink with your guests.

How do we go about booking?
You will need to sign a contract and pay a £250 non refundable deposit. From then on the date is yours!

How quickly do you get booked up?
One to two years in advance, especially in the summer months. You will always find the good photographers are in demand.

What is the average number of pictures that are chosen for the album?
There is no limit to the number of pictures you can choose for the album. You can stick to the number in your package, however, many couples will add more images and finish with an album of 150 – 200 pictures.

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